Happy Morning

During quarantine, I introduced some very useful and pleasant habits into my life! 

1. Wake up early ⏰ 
2. Take a cold shower 💦 
3. Breathing exercises 🧘‍♀️
4. Morning workout 🤸‍♀️ 

Alisa Pleskova

It recognised that these simple habits really make a difference! 

What do you get from these classes: 
1. Energy boost for the whole day

2. Prevention of pain and discomfort in the back (especially relevant for those of us who have sedentary work)
3. General increase in muscle tone 
4. Reduce stress
5. The effect of rejuvenation due to breathing techniques and "right habits" which I will also talk about during the marathon
6. Improving flexibility 
7. Removal of muscle blocks
8. Improving posture 
9. Fat burning effect if done instead of breakfast 😉

Happy morning (Monday to Friday) at 07:00 AM (GMT +03:00)

I will make a lifestream training. 
The training will include elements of yoga, stretching, strength elements, exercises for fat burning, breathing exercises. Duration of classes is 30-50 minutes.


Classes will be held in a private profile on Instagram.
Price for one week 200₪
Monthly membership 340₪

(Cancellation policy: You can unsubscribe in 1 month before the next update)

Contacts: +972547653720 / +972526141464

Email: info@pdaa.co 




Happy morning (Monday to Friday) at 09:00