FITBODY - Bodyweight Workout (season 1)

Day 18 (16.10.20)

Friends, welcome to the final mission of this season!
This will be interval cardio.

Choose from two options.

It is advisable to choose a different option than last week.

If you do NOT use running throughout the project, then recreate the strategy described below in any other form of cardio.
For example, on a bicycle or stationary bike, climbing stairs.

Option 1.


Find a mountain with a slope, ideally 10-15 degrees, 80-100 m long. Minimum 60 m.

It can be either an earthen or grassy slope, or asphalt.

Warm up according to the scheme:
5 warm-up runs of 80 m, the pace is very calm.
Gradually add speed from run to run.
Rest between races is a slow descent to the start, 1-2 min.
Recover your breath completely every time!
Complete 5 runs at the fastest speed you can.

Rest between runs until breathing is fully restored.

Option 2.
Interval running.

4 minutes - quiet run;
30 sec - submaximal acceleration;
4 minutes - quiet run;
30 sec - submaximal acceleration;
4 minutes - quiet run;
30 sec - submaximal acceleration;
4 minutes - quiet run;
30 sec - submaximal acceleration;
4 minutes - quiet run;
30 sec - submaximal acceleration;
4 minutes - quiet run;
30 sec - submaximal acceleration;
5 min - calm run, hitch.

Thus, you will do 6 accelerations and end up with a calm run.

For those of you who have already started running, I suggest trying to shorten the rest periods (quiet running) to 3 minutes.
Try resting for just 2 minutes a couple of times.

Finally, do a Cool Down / Stretch.

Vegan Trio


First meal. 

Oatmeal with berries.
Ingredients for 1 serving:
Oat flakes oatmeal: 40 g.
Milk: 2.5% 100 g.
Raspberries, currants or blueberries: 50 g.
Almonds: 10 (12.5 g)
Boil oatmeal in water with milk, add berries and chopped nuts at the end of cooking.

In a portion:
Kcal 302
Proteins 12
Fats 10
Carbohydrates 41

Second meal. 

Orange omelet.
Ingredients for 1 serving:
Egg: 2 pcs.

Small carrots: 1 pc. (100 g.).
Corn: 40 g.
Greens: to taste.
Vegetable oil: 1 tsp (5 years)
Lettuce leaves: 20 g (e.g. iceberg)

Chop the carrots on a fine grater or in a blender, beat the eggs, add the chopped carrots. Heat a frying pan, grease it with vegetable oil, pour the omelette, add corn and on low heat, stirring occasionally, bring until tender. Send with herbs, serve on lettuce leaves.

In a portion:

Kcal 330
Proteins g. 15
Fat g. 14
Carbohydrates g. 21


200 g of strawberries.
Nuts 20 g.

Kcal 187
Proteins 4
Fats 11
Carbohydrates 18

Third meal. Options to choose from:

1. Baked cod with cheese.
Ingredients for 1 serving:
Cod (or any skinny fish): 200 g.
Tomatoes: 100 g.
Parsley: 20 g.
Cheese (e.g. Dutch): 30 g.
Put the raw cod in foil, put the tomato mugs on top, sprinkle with herbs - optionally parsley, put a piece of cheese, wrap and bake in the oven 200 degrees 25 minutes, then unfold the foil and dry for 5 minutes.
+ boiled wild rice (40 g of dry cereal)
+ 1 chopped bell pepper 100g.

In a portion:
Kcal 457
Proteins 53
Fats 9
Carbohydrates 41

2. Stuffed pepper.
Ingredients for 1 serving:
Bulgarian red pepper: 200 g.
Adyghe cheese: 100 g.
Egg: 1 pc.
Carrots: 100 g.
Onions: 30 g.
Greens: 20 g.
Champignons: 200 g.

Take 2 small red bell peppers, cut lengthwise like boats, remove the seeds and stuff with the mixture.
For the mixture: fry the carrots, onions, herbs and mushrooms, cool the mixture, add the beaten egg and cheese into cubes.

Stuff 4 boats and put in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

In a portion:

Kcal 520
Proteins 44
Fats 27
Carbohydrates 28

Total during the day:

Standard option:

Calories 1276

Proteins 84

Fats 54

Carbohydrates 90

Vegetarian option:

Calories 1339

Proteins 75

Fats 62

Carbohydrates 108