Full body stretching online course with Alisa Pleskova. Level 1

10 lessons with detailed explanation

Modification for different levels

Theoretical part

Great stress, suppressed emotions, negative thoughts, feelings, as well as eating habits and lifestyle - all this leaves an imprint on our body.

The body writes down all the emotions experienced, as if on film and leaves muscle clamps and cramps. This leads to stagnation of energy - and thus your physical condition is directly related to other areas of life - material, mental and spiritual.

Therefore, while you stretch your body you actually affect all areas of life!

Would you like to start stretching, but do not know how?
Have you done it before, but you can’t see any progress?
Do you want your workouts to be effective?

In our course you will receive useful knowledge and the opportunity to improve the flexibility of your body without leaving your home!

Learn the secrets to effective and safe stretching

Learn how to prevent back pain with the exercises from this course

You will feel how stretching work contributes to a better mood and well-being

How to work on your split correctly

How to increase the back flexibility

You will learn exercises that combine different techniques to achieve faster results

Learn techniques to help avoid sports injuries

Get a personal feedback throughout the course

(for those who take an advanced package)

The course contains a theoretical part, but the bulk of the information is for practical use because we are sure that only practice will help you  to change yourself!

And these are not just separate exercises, but assembled into a system and arranged lessons.


Simple package - get access to all course materials for half year without feedback.

Advanced package - you get access to all course materials within half year + homework and feedback with the ability to ask additional questions within one month.

Course program


Lesson 1

Correct posture - why is it needed?

Health of your back

Preparatory exercises and warm-up techniques


Lesson 2

Proper breathing - what does it mean?

Health and power is at your feet


Lesson 3

Muscles of the hamstrings and knees

Strengthening and Stretching Exercises


Lesson 4


Eversion exercises


Lesson 5

Lumbar iliac muscle

How to work on your splits

Lesson 6

Hip joint and muscles

How to work on disclosure

Lesson 7

We combine various techniques


Lesson 8


Getting started on back flexibility


Lesson 9

Back muscles

We continue to work on back flexibility


Lesson 10

How to relieve stress and tension with stretch techniques

Alisa Pleskova

Founder of Israel Pole Dance and Aerial Arts Academy

The author of the training course for professional trainers.

Over 15 years of experience in sports and coaching.

Teacher choreographer and methodologist - compiler of training courses and training programs.

More than 10 years of experience in the field of professional competitions.

Winner of numerous contests.

Among the latter - Israel Pole Art Champion 2020, Israel Exotic Pole Champion 2019, Israel Pole Doubles Champion 2018 (with Alex Ander), International Pole Art Finalist 2016, Israel Pole Sport Champion 2015, The Art of Pole Champion 2012,European Pole Dance Champion 2011.

The course feedback

Yoga Practice
Yoga Asana

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An individual lesson with Alisa costs 400₪, a group lesson in the studio - 100₪

We have prepared an online project for you with all the materials at a special price!






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